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Hi Friends,

Welcome to my blog! This is your friend Anitha . Some of you might know me already through my samayal blog http://ani-samayal.yoksha.com . My home town is Madathukulam (close to Palani famous for Lord Muruga temple). It is a beautiful small town with all the facilities and a lots of agricultural land. My Best half is Muruganantham Mani and we are blessed with a smart Cute Little Angel Yoksha.

Why did I create this website? Who is this website intended for?

I have created this website so that I can share some of the things which I know for kids with people around the world. Also, it is a nice way of keeping a repository.  My kid is growing now so I keep browsing to find some good things in web. I used to browse the web to get information about how to start teaching the kids , health, food, games ,activities ,Birthday party ideas etc.

I know many of you are doing the same. If we share information among us it will be greatful to each other.  This blog is created having that in my kind. I request all the viewers to share their information in this blog so that we can join our hands together and let our kids shine in future.

Keep visiting the site .Keep sharing.


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